Terms & Conditions

Limits of Liability

All users of this program, its website, affiliates or equipment suggested or provided agree that:

I agree that I am fit to engage in physical activity and I have subscribed to the training fitness program offered by MichelleCagle.com, The Bounce Back After Baby Program or Bodyworks Fitness, LLC.

I recognize that the program may involve strenuous physical activity including, but not limited to, muscle strength and endurance training, cardiovascular conditioning and training and other various fitness activities.

I also understand that exercise and fitness activities involve a risk of injury and even death, and I am voluntary participating in these activities and using equipment and programs in the knowledge of any dangers involved.

I hereby agree to accept all risks of injury or death. I agree that in requesting information or advice from MichelleCagle.com, The Bounce Back After Baby Program or Bodyworks Fitness, LLC  in relation to any activities being undertaken, If I choose not to accept this advice or ignore advice given I do so voluntarily and accept liability for all resulting injuries and damage. I hereby affirm that I am in good physical condition and do not suffer from any known disability, impairment, disease or condition that would prevent or limit my participation in this exercise program or indeed use of equipment or facilities except as herein stated. I acknowledge that my enrollment and subsequent participation is done so on the basis that I have either had a physical examination and have been given doctors clearance to participate. I also have voluntarily decided to participate in activity and utilization or equipment and machinery in my activities. In addition MichelleCagle.com, The Bounce Back After Baby Program or Bodyworks Fitness, LLC cannot accept any responsibility for items lost during training sessions or left with the instructor.