Each time I got pregnant (3 Times!), I gained a LOT of weight, and then returned to my bikini model shape

Michelle’s "Fit Mom Tips" area.  Here you will fid various morsels of information that will help you succeed in your fitness journey.  Content is being added regularly, so check back often!

Lot's of great information that fitness models and bikini models use to keep themselves in shape, plus some great knowledge new moms can use to get the most out of their efforts to get back into shape!

Fit Mom Tips

Go To The Forum!

Everyone can use some sympathetic support, and who better to give that support than a community of Moms, just like you that are all going through or have gone through everything that you are going through right now?

This support group is full of wisdom and experience from mothers of all kinds willing to help each other with all kinds of questions and issues.  Exclusive to Michelle's Bounce Back After Baby program!