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As a mother of three, I know all too well how difficult it can be to lose the weight gained during and after pregnancy, and I have overcame the struggle (going on) three times. Each time I got pregnant, I gained a LOT of weight, and then returned to my bikini model shape.

I know many new moms struggle with the problem of losing weight after a pregnancy. Do you want to get back that body you had before your bundle of joy came into your life? How about an even BETTER one? Do you want to know exactly how to accomplish this in a structured, proven way?

Well what better way than to follow me and work out along side me as I struggle just like you to get back into my skinny jeans?

You CAN do it!  We can do it together!

Each time I got pregnant (3 Times!), I gained a LOT of weight, and then returned to my bikini model shape

I'm No Genetic Super Woman...

It's true... I have to fight for every pound I lose just like you do. With every pregnancy I have gained over fifty pounds... and I am a small woman to start with, so fifty pounds is a LOT for me.

After my first baby I couldn't understand why the weight just didn't come off. I mean, I wasn't pregnant anymore, so why didn't my body just go back to the way it was just nine short months ago? This just isn't fair!

It was very frustrating to say the least, but I studied and learned and eventually I cracked the code.

I'm not going to tell you that its easy.  It takes hard work and determination. But hey lady, you made a baby, I submit there isn't anything you can't do!

The truth is, sometimes it is easier than others. And sometimes I fell off the wagon. But, I kept working on my system and compensated for the setbacks.

These Are Just A Few reasons Why You Should Sign Up For This Program...

  • Lose Post Pregnancy Weight - FAST
  • Have More Energy
  • Have a Higher Degree of Self Esteem
  • Have More Confidence
  • Have a Better Libido
  • Have a More "Interested" Husband
  • Control Cravings
  • Amaze your Friends
  • Live Healthier
  • Feel a Sense of Control

Fitness and Bikini models use a variety of specific techniques to get those toned bodies.  Those same techniques can be modified to work great for the postpartum mother!

A "Diet" Just Isn't Going To Cut It...

Evolution of a Pro Bikini Model

Wow, looking back on how I got here still fascinates me!

After my first baby, I did my homework and learned the science behind why the female body gains so much weight during pregnancy, and why it is so difficult for the modern woman to lose that weight. I became a Master Trainer and studied and got certified in Sports Nutrition.

But the real breakthrough came when a friend of mine noticed all of the progress I was making.  She told me that I should start competing in fitness competitions! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. ME?  In a fitness competition?  But I felt like I looked pretty good, so I dove right in.  And that was the final missing piece to my post pregnancy weight loss problem.

You see, there are very specific techniques that fitness models use to get into phenomenal shape... and guess what -- they DO NOT starve themselves. I paid attention, and became one of them!  I learned how the fitness competitors and bikini models get those ripped and toned bodies. I learned all of those secrets and took good notes!

Then I got pregnant with my second son, and after he was born I continued to use myself as a Guinea pig and fine-tuned the system even more.  This time, I lost the weight so fast that I was on the cover of a fitness magazine just 4 months after the birth of Levi.

I also won my "pro" status as a professional bikini fitness competitor... and that was after two babies!

When I got pregnant with my third baby, my husband said, "You need to film your journey back this time so you can help all those women learn how this is done."

So I did!

Yep! This is me just four months after the birth of my second son!

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Post Baby Body Recovery System!

From a Pro Bikini Model & Mother of 3

Here's What You Get When You Join

  • Step-by-Step Instructional Videos

    Follow along at you own pace, whenever and wherever you like with our on-demand instructional videos.   Even watch from your smartphone.

  • 12 Comprehensive Modules

    Easily digestible modules support you as you go through the regimented program. It’s as simple as painting by numbers!

  • Ongoing Support & Motivation

    No more going it alone.  You’ll need help from time to time on your journey, and we’ll be with yoru every step of the way providing support and encouragement.

  • Exclusive Support Network

    Unlimited access to a group of mothers that share the same challenges and successes that you do. Learn from their mistakes and learn real solutions that work for real moms.

  • Nutritional Guidance

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  • More Help If You Need It

    Let’s face it.  Sometimes we just need a little (or a lot) of extra attention.  I have plans available for women that have specific challenges, or just need the extra support or accountability. My number one goal is to get you back to a place where you feel confident, healthy, sexy, and energetic.  We CAN do this, together!

Fit Mom Tips

These short videos will pass on everyday things that you need to know to transform your lifestyle. You will learn why things work the way they do, and why it is so important to pay attention to the little things that you never knew made such a big difference!

Workout Videos

Of course the core of the program involves getting your butt moving... but what better way than to do it with with me as your guide?  I'll be right there huffing, puffing and sweating it up just like you... As I lose my own baby weight.  This isn't some skinny never-been-a-mom telling you to do 50 more sit-ups: it's me suffering the same as you.


Any healthy lifestyle has healthy nutrition at its core.  I'll teach you how to make good nutrition decisions, and techniques on how to maintain your willpower - as well as how to recover from the occasional slip. Fast, easy, and attainable are all important to any nutrition plan for me!

A Social Network For Moms

I have developed my own social network just for moms and the challenges they face - in all aspects of life.  Drop in to share your successes, challenges, or just to post a picture of your beautiful little bundle of joy.  You will find all kinds of other mothers there that are more than willing to share with you what has worked for them.

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  • My Specialized Nutrition Plan And Meal Ideas
  • Full AccessTo My Special "Mothers-Only" Social Network

You get 24/7 access to everything in my complete program, accessible from your computer, tablet or smartphone, ready whenever you are!

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Less Than The Cost Of Lunch, For A Whole Month of Access.  To get personalized training like this at a gym or fitness center, you'd literally be paying thousands of dollars, even without the nutritional plan.  This program is truly one-of-a-kind.  You get great results, work at your own pace and on your own schedule, AND you save yourself thousands of dollars versus a gym membership or personal trainer.  To be honest, it's a no-brainer.

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